Who is Jesus?

This is the first picture of Jesus I ever saw (minus the glasses) .  A caucasian, sanitized Hollywood-looking Jesus. How do "I" see Him today you ask? How do you see Him? Through different lenses, I am guessing. In fact, it probably bothers some of you that we posted this same picture on our website in the section where we are talking about Jesus. I have come to the conclusion that the average person on the Westside of LA has a distorted view of Jesus Christ.  How will it change? 

I read an article recently in Relevant Magazine that lists many ways we view Jesus.      

  • Hollywood Jesus 
  • Magic 8 Ball Jesus
  • en's Retreat Jesus
  • ridegroom Jesus
  • Perpetually Angry Jesus
  • rresponsible Parent Jesus
  • Over-Explanatory Jesus
  • Coffee Shop Jesus

OK, so I come back to the question, "How will it change?"  A friend said something recently that got me thinking, "A Christian makes it easy for others to believe in God." You have to look in the mirror and ask, 'Does my life make it easy for other people to believe in God; the God of the bible, the real Jesus?' 

Let's make it real, two guys from Metro had a conversation with someone who was listening in on their discussion about Jesus at a coffee house in Venice. He said he loved Jesus, and thought everything Jesus had to say was awesome. However, he couldn't get past the 'egotistical' view of Christians believing they had somehow found the only way to God. Ultimately, he believed that people have no need for salvation. I was excited to hear they listened to his point of view, without correcting his world view, but lovingly challenged him to take a look at Jesus from the book that tells His story and not what everyone else says. I have been been saying something similar lately,  "take an honest look at the life and claims of the most influential person in history from the best selling book of all time and see for yourself."  If you are a believer you are to represent and reflect well the Real Jesus of the bible. Take a fresh look at Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and see Jesus through their eyes. Jesus asked His disciples "who do people say I am?" ( Matthew 16:13-17) Then He asked them "who do you say I am?"  So, who do you say Jesus is? Your answer has eternal consequences.

- Pastor Steve