what is discipleship

Discipleship is the process of growing up in Christ in all things, in all areas of character and life.

According to Scripture, being a disciple of Christ involves personal growth characterized by an intimate relationship with Jesus. Through our relationship with Christ we partner with Him in His mission. The Great Commission outlines 3 main steps for making disciples: Go and tell them, baptize them, and teach them, plus the reminder that Jesus is always with us.

At Metro, we’re committed to following Jesus’ model for discipleship and, like Him, we believe that discipleship happens in community. It begins with our own immediate family and then flows to our Christian family. But, it doesn’t stop there, we are also called to take time to connect with people in our neighborhood and in our sphere of influence. All Christians are called to disciple because there will always be someone in our life that is less mature in their faith or not a believer at all (yet).

Basically, as Christians we are called to replicate ourselves (like a cell that is splitting continuously) at all levels, from disciples who make disciples to churches that plant churches.