urban church plan

Over the years, we have come to believe that the vision God gave Pastor Steve in 1987 is not only for Metro Church but is also a picture of the Christian Church operating in unity on the Westside of Los Angeles. We now see the vision portraying Metro as one community that ministers in various neighborhood communities and partners with local churches to reach the city with God's love. In the vision, Metro's outreach is organized along the lines of the various village communities that make up the Westside of Los Angeles. Our approach is to actively minister in these neighborhoods (through our home base, small groups and church plants) so you can participate close to home. In this neighborhood model we partner with local churches as part of a larger, unified church that is able to do things a single community church can’t do on its own. We believe God loves the world through us, His church.

Another aspect of this neighborhood approach is that our Home Base  is an urban church model that provides a storefront connection to the local community throughout the week, not just Sundays. Our Downtown Santa Monica location (called Metropolis) features a cafe that makes it a local destination for coffee lovers, food enthusiasts, and events-goers in search of something more. It provides a strong sense of true community for everyone who walks through the door. It also strives to help people, especially young people, through job training and counseling. The Home Base also includes a shared workspace for Christians, but it is much more than that! It is a place where professionals, creatives and vocational ministers from different local congregations and non-profits work side by side for the glory of God!

We have always believed that for any plan to succeed it must be given by God. However, after many years of trying to figure out how to put the plan into action we have finally come to understand that, for it to work properly, it is also crucial that He direct both the strategy to implement and the strategy to maintain the vision. The following are the basic guiding principles we believe He is directing:

1. Vision  – A vision is given by God
2. Kingdom-Building Strategy  – The vision is implemented through a Kingdom-Building Strategy
3. Discipleship  – The vision is maintained through Discipleship

Metro's continuous effort to establish relationships in the various communities on the Westside is represented by Home Base,  metro community, church plants and partnerships.