What we have recorded of Jesus’ private life, as His public ministry begins, shows us that His life was built on prayer. He was given a calling like no other, with a mission to accomplish in a short time. He had a great responsibility, was under great pressure, He faced opposition daily. The secret of His strength is revealed to us through instances in the bible where Jesus, early in the morning or late at night, withdrew to the wilderness or a mountain to be alone with the Father. As we follow Jesus’ example and begin our day checking in with our Father in heaven we will position ourselves to continually walk with Him every step of the way.

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We really feel that God is asking us to focus on our relationship with Him through prayer. 

Please join us for prayer:

  • Fridays at 7am - Intelligentsia Cafe, Venice
  • Saturdays at 7pm - 603 Arizona ave, Santa Monica

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Taking A Stand - May 11, 2014

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