metro team


  • Steve Snook – Senior Pastor/Chairman of the Board
  • Tamara Snook – Women’s Ministry
  • Mike Smith – Elder/Secretary of the Board
  • Tyler Lennon - Elder/Life Connections Intl.
  • Brian Cashman - Elder/Pastor of Valley Metro Church
  • Mike Trabun - Elder/Treasurer
  • Rodrigo Robles – Director of Operations, Finance Committee
  • Kenny Hoff – Audio/Visual Team
  • Rich Bordwell – Care Team
  • Grace Bordwell – Care Team
  • Kathy Howarth – Care Team
  • Greg Sweel – Men’s Ministry
  • Maria Felipe – Care Team
  • Greg Shelton - Facilities
  • Enrique Koenig – Finance Committee
  • Tom Roark – Finance Committee
  • Mike Colarik - IT, Metro Colab, Care Team
  • Becky Colarik - Metro Colab, Care Team
  • Jerry Cullen - Care Team
ministry community

We believe that ministry continues the work of Jesus Christ, and that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to all believers and empowers them for service in the church and in the world. We also believe that God calls particular persons in the church to servant leadership.

At Metro, we seek to recognize those whom God has called to servant leadership, and to train, and appoint these men and women to a variety of servant leadership roles on its behalf. The character and reputation of servant leaders is to be above reproach in accordance with Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-13. Following the example of Christ, persons so appointed may teach with authority, diligently interpret the Scriptures, speak divine truth with boldness, equip the saints, biblically counsel the needy with compassion, lead small groups, and lead the congregation in faithful living, so that the church may be "built together spiritually into a dwelling place for God.”

Jesus modeled both servant leadership and community with His disciples. They ate together, prayed together, served together and learned together. They were discipled and equipped to do the work of ministry, while being fed and refreshed. We desire to follow the same model here at Metro Calvary Chapel.