home base

603 arizona ave, santa monica. ca 90401

Metropolis is the name we've given the building God has provided us in Downtown Santa Monica. One definition for the word Metropolis is "a center of activity within a city". Metro Church's original vision (1987) includes a ‘Home Base' that provides a storefront connection to the local community throughout the week, not just Sundays. Essentially, we're infusing ourselves (Metro) into our community (Polis: Greek for the citizenship of a city).

Metro Church gathers here on Sundays, which is a great time to be together as followers of Christ! But, we've come to understand that church is not only about Sunday Services and not defined by a building; it is about people doing life together everyday as we walk-out the mission of Jesus Christ as a family.

Metro Cafe: Throughout the week, the 1st floor of Metropolis features a cafe that makes it a local destination for coffee lovers, food enthusiasts and event-goers in search of something more. It is a place that provides a strong sense of true community for everyone who walks through the door.   

Metro Co-LabThe 2nd floor of our building includes a shared work space for Christians, but it is much more than that! Yes, it is a place where you can find a quiet spot and get some work done but also imagine a place where professionals, creatives and vocational ministers work side by side for the glory of God!

Over the years, we have come to believe that Metro's original vision is not only for Metro Church but is also a picture of the Body of Christ operating in unity on the Westside of Los Angeles. We now see the vision portraying Metro as one community, made up of various ministries that partner with other local congregations to reach the city with God's love. We believe God loves the world through us, His church.

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