everyone connected

We encourage everyone at Metro to get (and stay) connected with the Lord and other believers. We believe that discipleship happens through relationships in community and that a commitment beyond Sundays is critical to staying connected.

Everyday – Daily devotional times of reading the Word and praying help us stay connected and abiding in the Lord as He uses us as His witness in this world.

Sundays – Church is a great place to meet people, to study the Word and worship with them, and to serve the Lord together as part of His body.

Weekdays – We have a number of opportunities for you to get connected during the week: 

  • METROPOLIS - visit our building in downtown Santa Monica called Metropolis that features a CAFE and CO-LAB that are open throughout the week. Please click HERE to find out more about Metropolis.
  • LIFE GROUPS - the foundation of Metro Church is built on a variety of small groups that meet to share in a study of the bible and how it applies to our daily lives, developing a sense of community, intimacy and accountability. These gatherings are the engine that drives everything else we do! This is where we form intimate bonds of friendship that carry us through this life together. Please click HERE to get to a list of our current Life Groups.

Metro Rhythm – Our objective is to manage a simple, sustainable and easy-to-remember rhythm cycle whereby we equip and help create strong, mature Christians with the desire to serve, and to be a witness and share His message with the world.