discipleship in community

We believe that discipleship happens through relationships in community and that a commitment beyond Sundays is critical to staying connected. As part of our discipleship approach, we place a strong focus on meeting in small groups during the week to foster personal, intimate relationships. Click HERE  to get connected during the week.


following Jesus together

At Metro, we feel the need to make a commitment to walk out discipleship in community together as a family and that we needed to commit to staying in fellowship as a critical component of discipleship. We are very exciting to see it happening in our midst! We need to stay connected with each other as fellow disciples at Metro.

Please prayerfully consider making a commitment to walk this out together in the following ways:

     1- Sundays

          a. Attend a worship service (every week, whenever possible)

          b. Serve (once a month)

               i. Youth Development – discipling the kids and youth (teaching and assisting)     

               ii. Greeters – greeting and ministering to congregants

               iii. Ushers- greeting and ministering to congregants

               iv. AV Ministry – Running sound, lighting and projection

               v. Hospitality – Coffee, monthly BBQs, events

               vi. Parking

               vii. Prayer Team

               viii. Set-up

               ix. Teardown

     2- Weekdays (once a week)

          a. Life Groups

          b. Discipleship Classes

          c. Mentoring/discipling

     3- Monthly

          a. Outreach