Community is reaching out to our local community with God's love.

At Metro we feel that we need to follow Jesus together (discipleship) with a heightened focus on living our lives out among the people. As we gather together in public settings people are drawn to God through the love they see that we have for one another. Jesus tells us in John 13:35 that: "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." 

metro community

Over the years, Metro has been actively ministering throughout the Westside of Los Angeles.

In our vision, Metro is organized along the lines of the various village communities that make up the Westside of Los Angeles. Over the years, Metro has been actively ministering throughout these communities.



Outreach begins with a passion and love for Christ that overflows beyond our four walls and results in the unity of the Body of Christ and an expression of Christ's love to a lost world, locally and around the world!


mobile church

Mobile Church refers to gathering out in public somewhere other than where we usually gather. 


church plants

Metro's vision includes the idea of planting churches to reach the Westside of Los Angeles with God's Love.