church plants

Metro's vision includes planting churches to reach the Westside of Los Angeles with God's Love.

Over the years a number of churches have been planted out of Metro in our continuous effort to establish relationships in the various communities on the Westside of Los Angeles. These churches have been planted both by former Metro staff pastors and through collaborations with other local pastors.

Some church plants are still around, some are not.

churches that plant churches

We believe that as Christians we are called to replicate ourselves (like a cell that is splitting continuously) at all levels, from disciples who make disciples to churches that plant churches.

Metro’s original vision states that in the year 2000-something, “The glue, in the technical sense, seems to be the community churches that are continually multiplying all over the city, from Malibu to Hancock Park, from Marina Del Rey to Hollywood Hills, and everywhere in between. They are further sectioned off into village communities, for example, Santa Monica, Westwood, and the Marina so that people meet in the community in which they live (or would like to live), work or play.”

urban church plan